Spring Trends in Carpet Color: What does your choice say about you?

Do you remember that book, What Color is your Parachute?   We have almost as important a question to pose – What Color is your Carpet?  Did you choose your color based on your desire to increase the resale value by staying safe?  Or did you buck the system and lay down a sexy eggplant burber in your bedroom, despite the backlash from the naysayers?  (One of whom just take up real estate in said bedroom.)

Your choice of color for your flooring says a lot about you.  (Based on our non-scientific formula, that is.)  Spring has sprung, and if you’re itching for a change, check out some new ideas and give yourself permission to have a little fun.

Warm:  Ranging from pale yellow to oranges and reds, these translate nicely for carpet into rust and browns.  If these catch your eye, you’re smart, brooding, and typically cautious – but have a wild side, like a sexy librarian.  When she takes off those glasses – well, this is a family blog.




Cool:  Blues and greens typically define the ultimate in cool couture.  This spring, create a more spacious vibe by lightening them up.  Clearly, if these colors strike your fancy, you’d rather be relaxing by the beach, getting inspired.  Create a space that reflects your passion for food, literature and music.  (Are you really buying this?)



Bold:  Bold colors often reflect a striking or unexpected choice, such as pure white against a darker paint color.  If you’re into bold colors, we don’t have to tell you what it means.  You already know.  Let’s just say – there’s no shortage of confidence there!

So, are you ready to take the plunge and change up just one room?  We say, choose something that reflects your taste.  Your style. Your personality.  And make sure you take a good look at the carpet color choices around Ahwatukee.  Now, you know what they really say about the owner!

Making your living spaces more lively,
Traci Tartaglio & Team, Ahwatukee Carpets










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